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Do you offer a warranty?

Yes! All Wolf and Grizzly products are covered by our 3 Year Guarantee. That means that we have your gear covered in the case of any unexpected malfunction within the first three years of reasonable use. 

We will not be able to repair damage caused by typical wear and tear or product misuse. Common examples of wear and tear include scuffs/scratches, abrasions, discoloration, or minor denting.

Please follow all instructions in order to protect your gear and extend its life.

Please email us at hello@wolfandgrizzly.com for any warranty-related questions. To speed up the warranty process, please include your order number and a photo of the product in question


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Used products can't be returned. If you have a question or concern, please get in touch with us at wolfandgrizzly@wildbounds.com, we're happy to help.

Campfire Trio

What is the Campfire Trio?

Campfire Trio is a bundle of three products: a Wolf and Grizzly Grill, a Fire Safe, and a Fire Set. Please see the setup, use, and cleaning instructions for each individual product below.


What is included with the Grill?

Your Grill includes a:

  • Grill Frame
  • Grill Surface
  • Premium Carrying Case
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Drying Cloth
  • Allen Key
How much does Grill weigh?

Your Grill itself (the frame and grill surface) weighs 1 kg.

The complete set (including cleaning tools and fire starter) weighs 1.25 kg.

How much weight can Grill hold?

Your Grill can carry up to 13.5 kg. The Grill is perfect for carrying pots to boil water and sturdy enough for a Dutch oven or a cast iron skillet!

Can I adjust the height?

Definitely! Your Grill can be adjusted to 3 unique height modes: 8”, 6”, or “stay-flat mode”

What is the temperature rating of Grill?

The Grill is made of 304 stainless steel, so it has a melting point of 1370 C (2500 F). This means it can withstand extremely high temperatures and should not bend or warp in a normal campfire.

How do I set up the Grill?
  1. Open Grill frame with elbow slots facing up.
  2. Rotate the brace under the surface and secure it over the last rod.
  3. Insert surface adjustment corners into elbow slots. Equally.
  4. Raise or lower the grill using the height adjustment corners.
How do I clean and takedown the Grill?
At your Campsite
  1. Use the groove on the cleaning tool to remove residue from the grill rods
  2. Wipe down frame and wires with a soft cloth
  3. Unlatch the Grill surface and unhook the brace
  4. Fold the frame until fully collapsed
  5. Roll the Grill surface around the frame and pack into the carrying case

At Home
  1. Soak you Grill surface in hot water and gently clean the rods with steel wool
  2. The surface of your Grill can also be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher
  3. Use a sponge with soap and hot water to clean the frame

Tip: In between uses, you should use the allen key provided to tighten the bolts on your Grill. Regular tightening will ensure they never fall out accidentally or get lost mid-trip.

I’ve had my Grill for a while and it looks tarnished. Is there a way for me to restore the finish?

Your Grill is expected to go through literal fire, so you should expect it to naturally discolour over time. This discolouration doesn’t impact the performance of your Grill, but you can follow these steps to restore the stainless steel finish:  

1. Apply Bar Keepers Friend to your Grill surface using a clean, damp cloth - focus on the spokes, not the cable. 

2. Use another clean, damp cloth to wipe away residue 

Always read and follow safety directions on the package of Bar Keepers Friend or any other cleaning products

Fire Safe

What is included with my Fire Safe?
  • Fire Safe stainless steel frame 
  • Fire Safe stainless steel insert
  • Premium carrying case
What are the dimensions and weight of the Fire Safe?

The burn area is 29 x 28 cm and has a fuel capacity of 3 litres.

The wall height is 10 cm at its highest point and 7.6 cm at its shortest point.

Fire Safe weighs 910g.

What fuel can be used with Fire Safe?

We’ve tested Fire Safe with both charcoal and wood, and it has a fuel capacity of 3L.

* Do not overfill with fuel or use more fuel than can be safely contained.

Can I use Fire Safe on grass, a wooden deck, etc?

We’ve tested Fire Safe on a variety of surfaces and, in general, Fire Safe minimizes scarring or scorching the surface below. For example, we’ve placed Fire Safe over short grass and tested a small cooking fire, and found no damage. However, depending on the size of your fire, there is always a possibility the damage can occur, so we advise you not to use Fire Safe on sensitive materials such as plastics, long grasses, and finished wooden surfaces.

Is Fire Safe compatible with my Grill ?

Absolutely! We built Fire Safe to be the perfect companion for your Grill . 

For larger fires or a higher cooking point, set your Grill  over the Fire Safe.

For charcoal cooking, lay your Grill surface directly on top of the Fire Safe frame.

Can I put my Fire Safe in the dishwasher?

The Fire Safe cannot be put in the dishwasher.

Fire Safe is designed for portability and durability, and to best achieve this we designed all components to be foldable. This foldable design has hinges that can trap water and lead to rust or buildup, especially in combination with post-fire ash or residue. To keep your Fire Safe functioning properly, never use water to put out your fire and avoid using water in the cleaning process. See our Cleaning and Care section for the best way to clean your Fire Safe.

How do I set up the Fire Safe?

1. Clear the ground and surrounding area

2. While Fire Safe has a buffer zone between the ground and the base, avoid placing Fire Safe over sensitive surfaces that might be damaged by the heat from your fire 

3. Unfold frame to create a square 

4. Unfold insert with top arrows facing upwards

5. Align the circular caps to the slots on the frame and drop in place

6. Lay handles into the grooves at either end of the frame 

7. Place fuel and light safely

How do I takedown and clean the Fire Safe?

At your Campsite

1. Ensure fire is completely extinguished and all pieces are cool before handling. Do not extinguish with water, as this will cause distortion. Except in emergency situations, ensure your fire dies down naturally.

2. Use handles to lift insert out of the frame 

3. Discard waste into a safe container 

4. Use a nylon scrubber (or similar soft scrub or sponge) to rub away ash or residue from your fire. Avoid using water at this point.  

5. Fold the insert and frame and slide into carrying case

At Home

Avoid using excessive water when cleaning your Fire Safe. Fire Safe is made of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to rust, but is not rust proof. Water can get inside the hinges and cause them to stick or rust. If your Fire Safe is exposed to water, dry it as soon as possible and leave in a well ventilated environment. 

1. Use a clean, dry cloth to brush off all residue.

2. Remove caked on food or grease by laying a hot damp cloth over the stain and letting it sit. Once stain has softened, scrape off with a nylon scrubber or cloth.

I’ve had my Fire Safe for a while and it looks tarnished. Is there a way for me to restore the finish?

1. To restore the stainless steel finish after use, we recommend using the powder version of Bar Keepers Friend 

2. Apply powder to the surface of your Fire Safe and rub with a clean, damp cloth. This process works best with a bit of warm water, but we recommend using as little water as possible and avoiding getting excess water in the hinges of Fire Safe. 

3. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the residue

4. Use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry your Fire Safe immediately after cleaning. Move the hinges and brush away any excess Bar Keepers Friend powder.

Fire Set

What is included with my Fire Set?
  • Ferro rod
  • Striker 
  • Paracord with emergency jute tinder inside
How much does the Fire Set weigh?

Fire Set weighs in at 64 g.

How does the Fire Set work? Will this actually start a fire?

Fire Set works by striking steel against a Ferrocerium rod which produces extremely hot sparks - up to 2980 C (5400 F)! Just make sure you have a nice bed of tinder and kindling for your sparks to fall into.  

For Fire Set to work properly, use a highly flammable material as a catch for your sparks. We recommend a cotton ball dabbed with a bit of petroleum jelly.

How do I use the Fire Set?
  1. Use a cotton ball dabbed with some petroleum jelly as a catch for your sparks
  2. Prepare your kindling, such as birch bark or dry twigs 
  3. Scrape off the black paint covering the ferro rod
  4. Set the ferro rod against the cotton ball 
  5. Use the top edge of the striker to apply pressure and strike firmly
Do I need to clean the Fire Set?

Your Fire Set doesn’t need much cleaning or long term care. Make sure to keep the ferro rod and striker clean of any dirt, grease, etc. that could hinder the ability to strike and spark cleanly.

Cook Set

What is included with my Cook Set?

The Cook Set includes nine individual components:

  • Storage bag
  • 2L pot
  • 2L pot lid
  • Griddle
  • Hibachi
  • Cutting board
  • Rail system
  • Pot Gripper
  • Microfibre cloth
How much does the Cook Set weigh?

All components of the Cook Set together weigh 1.54 kg.

Wilderness Gloves

How do I care for my Wilderness Gloves?

The Wilderness Gloves come pre-treated but it is recommended that customers continue to treat them with a leather wax or oil to maintain their quality and water resistant properties. Read this article to find out more about caring for your gloves.

What glove size should I choose?

A pair of well-fitted gloves is a bit like having a comfortable pair of hiking boots and it is important to get the correct size to ensure comfort and dexterity. Please refer to the sizing description below.

Size Guide


Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the middle of the wrist below the base of your palm. This is where the glove will sit while you’re wearing it.


Wrap a tailor’s measuring tape around your dominant hand just below your knuckles, excluding your thumb, and make a fist.


212 mm height

177-202 mm circumference


221 mm height

203-229 mm circumference 


244 mm height

230-254 mm circumference 


267 mm height

255-279 mm circumference

Titanium Cutlery

How do I wash the cutlery after use?

Hand wash your cutlery set with warm soapy water and dry immediately to prevent degradation. The cutlery set is dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing for best results and longevity.

Does the cutlery set include a knife?

We intentionally designed the cutlery set without the inclusion of a knife. Camping is all about maximizing convenience, and with the Wolf and Grizzly cutlery set, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor meals without worrying about heavy cutlery taking up space in your bag or pack.


How can I contact you?

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You can also contact us directly by filling out the form below.

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